Vodafone Customer Service Contact Number

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Vodafone Contact Number

0844 385 1777

 Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

If you are looking for a Vodafone contact number, then you are on the perfect page. This page will give you all the details to how to contact Vodafone customer service team and when to contact them. Now coming to the Vodafone customer service number. The Vodafone Contact Number is 0844 385 1777 and can be called on seven days a week. This number will directly get you through the Vodafone customer service team who are available from 8 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Although the Vodafone customer service team claims that there is no waiting time when you call them. But you can expect a bearable waiting time on the Vodafone customer care number.

Functional Vodafone Contact Numbers

Besides the number mentioned above, you can also use the Vodafone customer service phone numbers mentioned below:

  • Vodafone customer service number free from mobile:

  • Vodafone customer service free phone number:

  • Vodafone customer support number abroad

  • To join vodafone:

Calling on the above phone number will be charged accordingly. For example the international phone numbers will be charged according to the international call rates and the local numbers will be charged according to the national rates. However you can also call the Vodafone free phone numbers mentioned above from your Vodafone mobile.


What Are The Opening Times To Call On Vodafone Contact Number?

The customer services team of Vodafone are available at the following timings:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 9 pm.

Saturday: 8 am to 9 pm.

Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm.

How To Contact Vodafone By Post?

Now you can write your query or complaint and send it to the Vodafone customer service postal address. Check out the postal address, given below:

Vodafone Head Office:

Vodafone Group Plc,

Vodafone House,

The Connection,



RG14 2FN.

Vodafone Complaints:

Customer Relations Manager,

Vodafone Limited,

The Connection,



RG14 2FN.

A Quick Introduction To Vodafone

Vodafone is a telecommunication service provider in UK. The company mostly deals with phones, tablets, mobile broadband, SIMs etc. Vodafone has its headquarters based in Berkshire region of England where all the massive decisions are made. Vodafone is operational under the parent company Vodafone Plc. More than 18 million people are subscribed to Vodafone and is ranked third among other telecommunication companies following EE and O2. The company has also many retails stores in various parts of England. One can visit to any of the 500 local retail stores of Vodafone. Get hands on to the latest vodafone handsets with mouth watering contracts etc. In the year 2011, vodafone rolled out its “Tech Team” which is similar to Apple’s “Genius Bar”. These tech team offered free advice and consultation to the people who visited the Vodafone “Elite” status stores. The “RED Box” which is popular across the world is a product from the vodafone which allows phone users to transfer their data between the handsets.

Vodafone Free Phone Number

Why Should You Contact Vodafone Customer Service Department?

Whether you are a new user or an existing user, everybody can need the help from Vodafone customer service support team. In that case the best option is to use the Vodafone contact number  . Unlike other companies in UK, you can get help on this number seven days a week. There can be many reasons to contact Vodafone customer service department. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Technical issues regarding Vodafone mobile.

  • Vodafone internet connection too slow or not working.

  • To top up your Vodafone numbers.

  • If you are locked out from your Vodafone online account.

  • To request a device manual or a guide.

  • For general enquiries.

  • To know about vodafone deals

  • Plus many more.

If you have any other query also that is not mentioned above, then also you can use the same Vodafone customer care number mentioned above.

Vodafone 4G Services

In the year 2003, when vodafone was allotted in the spectrum of 800MHz and 2.6GHz, ever since then Vodafone has expanded its services to offer 4G services to the people of UK. This has been a boon for the people who makes proper use of their internet connection to download latest movies and songs. If you find that you are unable to get the 4G device on your area, then you can call the Vodafone contact number and take help from the support team. While calling on the Vodafone number you will find out how professional and trained Vodafone customer service experts are while doing their job.

vodafone customer serviceSwitching To Vodafone

To swap your current number with the Vodafone contact number, then give a call on the Vodafone contact number today. The customer services team of the company will help you in switching to the Vodafone number. They will also consult your current service provider before switching the services.

Quickest Way To Contact Vodafone

If you are looking for the quickest and easy way to reach out to Vodafone, then simply use the Vodafone customer service phone number . The added benefit of this customer support number is that you call even on Sundays for help. The timings to call the Vodafone contact number are from 8 am to 9 pm (Monday to Sunday). Benefits of contacting vodafone customer support team over the phone are:

  • Easy to be called from any part of the UK.

  • Localised and cheaper rates will be applicable to call this number.

  • Less waiting time.

  • Can be called seven days a week.

  • If by chance you have been connected to the wrong department, the Vodafone customer care executive will then also connect you to the correct department.

  • And many more.

Other Vodafone Services

Besides the other common phone and sim services, Vodafone also provide other services as well. You can see the latest development by Vodafone in the “One Net Express”. This services is especially designed for the business customers who are constantly over the phone taking the business calls. In this service the landline number calls can be accessed on mobile phones, when one is out of the office.

If you are a businessman, then you can choose the Vodafone “One Net Business” service. This service allows you to integrate your mobile number, landline number and the voicemail messages.

Vodafone Pay As You Go

In order to top up your Vodafone number, you can sign in to your Vodafone online account. You will have to visit the registration link and then choose the option top up. You can top up your Vodafone mobile by credit or debit card. You can also use top up your phone by calling the Vodafone automated service number which is 2345. Either use the credit or debit card to top up your phone or you can also send the message “topup” to the number 2345. Sending message on this Vodafone contact phone number is completely free.

Vodafone Pay Monthly Plan

You can choose from a variety of Vodafone Pay Monthly Plans on the official website of Vodafone. Choose the free UK call minutes, messages and more. There are two types of contracts available one is for 12 months and other is for 24 months. In case you want to find out more about Vodafone plans or deals, you can simply give a call on Vodafone contact number mentioned on this page.

Vodafone On Social Media

Now expect Vodafone customer services team to provide you support on social media accounts such as facebook and twitter. Check out the links given below to access Vodafone social media accounts:

However it is always advisable to use the Vodafone customer service phone number to get quick and swift assistance.

Vodafone Coverage

The vodafone network covers almost all the regions of UK. More than 90% of people are getting benefits from the Vodafone services. Almost every single person of the country is covered under Vodafone coverage network. Vodafone also cover those areas where you wish to plan your holidays. For example if you are planning to travel abroad, then also you can access the calls and messages on your Vodafone device/number. Customers can use the Vodafone network across 130 countries across the globe. In some cases, customers can also access internet, send messages and download faxes when they travel to abroad.

Vodafone Broadband Customer Service

The company uses the latest technology to provide broadband services across the country. With Vodafone broadband you can prioritize your wifi speeds for devices that are connected to your Vodafone wifi network. You can also get discount on vodafone broadband services, if you are an existing customer of the Vodafone. Queries related to your vodafone broadband device can be asked on vodafone customer care phone number given on this site. Make sure you call the Vodafone broadband contact number at their opening times which are from 8 am to 9 pm (Monday to Sunday).

Vodafone Customer Service

So as to speak with an executive of the Vodafone customer services team. You can discuss your queries; discuss your phone tariff and also your contract information.

Vodafone is one of the biggest mobile phone companies in the UK. Consequently, the Vodafone customer service department is specially designed to attend a large number of phone calls in order to deal with any queries. The Vodafone customer support uk contact number listed here is a direct number through to the customer services team. No middle man is involved in order to speak to Vodafone. You are connected directly to Vodafone customer care team.

Vodafone Contact NumberOut company is committed to provide a variety of numbers that are all direct contact numbers and are all charged at the same basic rate. In UK, there are great number of companies and vast population, and thus the customers always want to contact the companies and confer a range of things like account changes, tariff, upgrades and many more.

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The listed here is charged at a nominal basic per minute rate. Our callers can dial with full confidence, and they needn’t have to pay anything extra in order to have their enquiry responded. The caller should be over 18 years of age, and they can directly contact Vodafone customer service team by dialing from a BT landline. Here the call charges are just 5p per minute. You can get this cost charges only when called from a BT landline. Further, calling from any other landline or a mobile phone may incur more charges or extra costs as per the operator.

vodafone contact numberVodafone Customer Service Number

 Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

In the event, you want to upgrade your mobile phone, change the tariff plan or you are interested in joining the Vodafone family, you can directly contact Vodafone customer services team and talk with their executives. The automated menu will assist in connecting you directly to the member of the customer services team who can recommend the best advice. Do you want to contact Vodafone customer care ? you can get help by visiting the Vodafone chat or simply dial and call this contact number for vodafone.

Vodafone Number

You can call Vodafone contact number whenever you need it essential. Their customer services department is available all through 24/7, and in case you have lost your phone, you can directly call vodafone customer service contact number. You can talk with an executive of the customer services team, who can provide all assistance needed by you.

It can be a traumatic situation if you lose your phone, and the Vodafone customer services team is aware of this stressful location. They will provide all the immediate assistance necessary for getting back a replacement phone. Just call the Vodafone customer services number listed here.

Vodafone Contact Number Uk

Most of the customers emerge to call for just this kind of assistance, and there is an alternative to get access all the type of information offered by the Vodafone customer services department on the main Vodafone website. Fundamental things like contract cancellation and informing the police about the lost phone are available on the Vodafone website. In this event, there is no need to call the number listed here.

Moreover, you can also enter into direct communication with the Vodafone customer services department through another form of interaction. It can be either live chat or email correspondence. The customers can receive a more broad response to their enquiry, since they are not limited or constantly worrying about the time being spent on the phone. It also means the customers can directly contact the Vodafone customer service department whenever they require so. Commonly speaking the written communication is open for much longer time than the phone communication.

You can utilize this Vodafone contact number listed here to directly talk with an executive of the Vodafone customer services department. You can easily do so, and there will be no huge telephone bills. Calls put to the Vodafone contact number listed here will cost only 5p per minute (only if called from a BT landline).

How To Contact Vodafone?

The Vodafone customer service contact number can assist all those customers who call for information regarding their personal or business accounts, contracts, mobile phones upgrade and internet services. This Vodafone contact number is open 24/7 a week, and you can call anytime you find is necessary. yOu can also get help at vodafone live chat & mail.

Vodafone offers all-inclusive services, and they are one of the leading telecom operators for business mobile phone contracts. In case, your company needs more than one mobile contract, Vodafone ensures that you get the most lucrative solution for your requirements. The Vodafone customer services department will recommend all the essential information to you.

The contract will enable you to pay all of the mobile phones on the similar bill. Vodafone make sure to provide every phone number with a second and shorter number. The four digits short code permits for all of the mobile phones on the identical contract to get in touch in a more resourceful manner. Principally, this short code permits the mobile phones to call each other in an efficient way. Also the employees of a company continue to stay in contact in an easier way. In other words, regular communication within the company is the best way to ensure all the customers get the best service possible.

how to contact vodafone

Vodafone Phone Number

Vodafone customer service contact number offers a variety of services to its potential customers, and they have extended their customer base across several platforms. Of course, there continues the preference to call and speak with an executive of their customer services team by just calling the Vodafone customer number listed on this website.

Via Vodafone website , the customers can speak with an executive through the Vodafone Live Chat service. This service is a sort of instant messaging between the customer and an executive of the Vodafone customer service team. In fact, it can help assist to decrease the amount of time that the customer is waiting to get support.

In case, there is no other alternative to the customer, the concept of instant messaging acutely lessens the pressure on the Vodafone customer services team. In return, they are able to offer more proficient and superior service. It is significant that shortening the waiting time on the Vodafone phone will cater to numerous customers. Vodafone is happy to possess a huge list of customers, since it’s one of the most admired mobile phone service providers in the UK. Subsequently, the demand of their Vodafone number is very high.

Vodafone Support Number

Vodafone offers a diversity of contracts, and all of the Vodafone customer executives are committed to offer quality customer-based assistance. It certainly means that they ensure to have the right contract for their requirements. In case, you’re looking for a pay monthly contract(including the phone), a rolling 30 day contract (just airtime), a mobile phone for the teenager, just call the Vodafone customer care number and talk with an executive of the team.

Possibly, you can get full freedom on the “pay as you go tariff” plus on the “pay monthly contract”. All is needed that you have to speak with an executive of the Vodafone customer service department and talk about what you need. In this way, you’ll get the most appropriate and fitting contract. It’s significant to have the talk with a Vodafone customer executive, and you can get the best offers that are advertised on the Vodafone website.

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