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Swiftcover is an insurance company, which was founded by one of the former group of Churchill insurance members. The company was founded in 2005. This internet based company was acquired by AXA in 2007 and is now a subsidiary of AXA UK plc. Swiftcover also operates call centres in various regions such as Kent, Tunbridge wells and Teesside.  Being an internet insurance company, it aims to provide all the support and help online. The very purpose of providing online support is that customer does not have to pay any money by calling to the customer executive team. However, the company also provides dedicated helpline numbers if your query is not solved online.

Swiftcover Contact Number

0844 385 1111

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service.

Is there any dedicated helpline number of Swiftcover to get a quote for my car insurance?

No, the company does not provide any dedicated number to get a quote for your car insurance. However, you can get a quote by clicking on the link here.

TIP: For any general query regarding car insurance you can contact

Whom to contact for my car insurance claims?

If you are facing any issues with your car insurance claims, you can contact swiftcover car insurance claims helpline number

You can call on the number 24*7.

Why was I declined to get my car insurance cover?

This could be due to the reasons which are mentioned below:

  1. Convicted in past.

Claimed any insurance cover.

For any query about your car insurance you can contact swiftcover

Who should I contact when I am unable to pay my car insurance online?

You can call at swiftcover car insurance number:   . You can also find other numbers written on your car policy manual.

Why was I charged for cancelling my car insurance policy just after 3 days?

The company charges an administration and a documentation fee. These charges are mentioned in your policy. So you may be charged around £45-46, if you cancel your policy.

Will there be any effect on my insurance if I add another driver?

Yes, there may be an increase or decrease in the premium rates when adding another driver.

How to declare a SORN (Statutory off road notification)?

You can declare the sorn via DVLA vehicle online service. Before  declaring you will need a unique number which is written on your “V11” registration certificate. Once your application has been accepted you will receive a letter from DVLA within a month. You also have the option to make your SORN by calling on the number 0300 123 4321.

How soon do I have to apply for vehicle tax before it expires?

You can apply for vehicle tax upto 2 months before it gets expired. To apply for vehicle tax you can click on the link Apply online by using your V5C registration certificate.

How To renew my car insurance policy?

You can renew your car policy 21 days before your renewal date. To renew your car policy, you have to “login to My Swift Space”  . Swiftcover also provides automatic renewals for your car policies. To keep your details updated you can click on “Keep all your details upto date” :

How To Reset my SwiftSpace login password?

“My SwiftSpace” helps you to access your account information with the details of your policy renewal and expiry date. So to keep your password safe is the main priority. However if you are unable to remember your password, you can reset the password.

You can reset the password of “My SwiftSpace” by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the login page of “My SwiftSpace”
  • Click on “Forgotten your Password?”
  • You will be redirected to “Forgotten password” details page :

You can enter your account information there and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password.

How can I get covered to drive my car abroad?

To get covered for driving your car abroad, follow the steps mentioned below:

You have to  log into your Swift Space account.

Click on “Add driving abroad cover” under “Countries covered”.

This cover will help you to drive in all the European Union countries. You have to choose your dates of travel and for how long you will be away from your country.

TIP: While travelling in European Union countries, you have to take the car insurance certificate with you.

How can I save money on Swiftcover car insurance?

You can make most of the changes online by logging in to your “My Swiftspace account” . This will help you to eliminate any admin charges for your account. However if you want someone to manage your account like updating your information on the account, there will be a fee of £30. Swiftcover, being an online insurance company, gives you the freedom to manage your account just by a click of the button and making sure that the price of your cover does not increase.

How to cancel my swiftcover car insurance policy?

How to cancel my swiftcover car insurance policy?

To cancel your car insurance policy, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Cancellation after you receive the renewal invitation: Your renewal invitation will  include all the  steps to cancel your policy. You can also log in to your Swift Space to cancel your car insurance policy.
  2. Cancellation before you receive the renewal invitation: You will have to call Swiftcover helpline number 0330 024 6394.
  3. After cancellation of the policy, you have to destroy all the copies of “Certificate of Motor Insurance”.

What is the criteria for driving someone else’s car?

What is the criteria for driving someone else’s car?

Driving someone else’s car depends on various parameters such as age and occupations. To know if you can drive someone else’s car follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. You have to check “Section 5” of your car insurance certificate. It must include the sentence “The policyholder only may also drive a car not owned by them or hired to them under a hire purchase agreement and which is not used in connection with the motor trade” then only you can drive someone else’s car.
  2. The other car must have a valid insurance.
  3. Only the policyholders are eligible to drive the car but not the named drivers.
  4. If you drive someone else’s car regularly, you can add it as a temporary “additional” vehicle. This will also help in increasing the cover from the third party policy.

When should I make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)?

You can make SORN in the following cases:

  1. You want to keep the vehicle “off the road”.
  2. If your vehicle is not taxed.
  3. If your vehicle is not insured.
  4. If you want to breakdown the vehicle and want to sell the scrap parts.

TIP: You do not have to make SORN if you have received a “V11” reminder letter.

What type of services will I be getting form Swiftcover car insurance?

The standard services that you will receive from Swiftcover car insurance policy are mentioned below:

  1. Guarantee on your car repairs: You will get a lifetime guarantee on your car repairs from the approved Swiftcover repairers across U.K
  2. Courtesy Car: You will get a courtesy car until your car has been repaired by Swiftcover repairers.

TIP: You can opt for courtesy car for up to 14 days.

  1.   24 hours claim support: You will get a 24 hours claim support from Swiftcover. You can contact the Swiftcover claim helpline number

How Can I Contact Swiftcover?

 swiftcover contact number

To get in touch with Swiftcover, you can see their contact numbers mentioned here:

  • Swiftcover Contact Number For Car Claims:
  1.   Swiftcover Insurance Contact Number For Home Claims:
  1.  Swiftcover Helpline Phone Number For Breakdown Cover:
  1. Swiftcover Car Insurance Customer Support Number For Travel Claims:

What type of covers are offered by Swiftcover car insurance?

What type of covers are offered by Swiftcover car insurance?

Company provides two types of car insurances which are mentioned below:

  • Comprehensive Car Cover:
  • It includes repairs and replacement of the car, when stolen or damaged.
  • This type of cover provides protection during any injury.
  • It also includes repairs of your car accessories such as stereo etc.
  • You will get your car windscreen repaired or replaced.
  • It will provide protection against damage to other’s car or property.
  1.        Third party fire and theft car cover:
  • This will only protect against damage to other’s car or property.
  • This will protect against any injury to other people.
  • If your car is stolen or damaged by fire, it will either be repaired or replaced.

What is the criteria for refund at the time of cancelling my car insurance policy?

What is the criteria for refund at the time of cancelling my car insurance policy?

The amount of refund will vary depending on the time of cancellation of your policy. The criteria for refunds is mentioned below:

  1. Cancellation during the time of a claim: In this case there will be no refunds and you have to pay the full premium for the year.
  2. Cancellation within 14 days: You will have two options to cancel your car insurance, which are mentioned below:
  • You can cancel the policy back to the start date. The company will return your payment in full, except for any non-refundable credit card fees.
  • The company can cover you for up to 14 days and will return the payment of your cover after the cancellation date.
  1.  Cancellation after 14 days: In this case you will have to pay a cancellation charges of £52.50. And the company will refund the payment after the cancellation date.

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