How To Fix Sky Viewing Card Error Messages 02 / 07 ?

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To troubleshoot the Sky “viewing card” error messages, follow the steps mentioned below:

ERROR 1: “There is a problem with your viewing card”

Troubleshooting Steps: If you see this error on your Tv, below are the steps to troubleshoot this sky viewing card error message.


Press the “standby” button on your Sky remote to switch “off” the Sky box.

problem with your viewing card


Turn “Off” the Sky box from the mains and check whether the power light is turned “off”.

 sky viewing card error messages.STEP 3:

Remove the viewing card form the slot and check for any damage on the card.

sky viewing card error 07STEP 4:

Switch “on” the Sky Box at the mains and keep it on standby mode for three minutes.

sky viewing card error 02STEP 5:

  • Press “Sky” button on the remote and choose any Sky channel. 6:

Reinsert your Sky viewing card into the box. Make sure that the “Sky” logo is facing up and the card chip facing down.

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Still having sky viewing card problems, seek sky technical support over the phone and talk to their support engineer to solve problems.

ERROR 2: “This is the wrong Sky Viewing card”

Troubleshooting steps: If you get the message written above then you will have to pair or link your viewing card to the Sky box. The above error message may also appear if you have turned off the Sky box for long time. To link your Sky box to the viewing card, follow the below mentioned steps:


On your Sky remote, press the “services” button.

This is the wrong Sky Viewing card


Use the “right arrow” button on the remote to highlight the settings on TV.

sky viewing card problems


Press the “down” arrow button and “right arrow” button to go to the system details.

sky tv viewing card


Note down the following details:

sky viewing card not working

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Sign into the site  with your Sky ID and the password.


Enter the details and select “Pair my card”.

ERROR 3: “Insufficient credit on your viewing card”

You may get the above error if you have reached your monthly credit limit. The error could also pop up due to unavailability of credit facility. Your Sky box must be connected to an active phone line or internet connection to maintain the credit facilities for your Sky Box office or Sky Store purchases. This error also arises if there is any outstanding balance on your Sky account.

ERROR 4: “Initialising new viewing card, please wait”

If you get the above message, click on the link Sky box initialising  for more information.

ERROR 5: “Insert your Sky Viewing card”

This message arises when your card is not inserted properly on your Sky box.

Check whether the visiting card has been inserted with the Sky logo facing up and the card chip facing down.

ERROR 6: “Replace your viewing card”

Sometimes the viewing card becomes discoloured by the heat in the Sky box. You have to get your viewing card replaced if the above message continues to appear on the tv screen.

ERROR 7: “Viewing card is not authorized”

If you are getting the above message, try to perform a “call back” to check your service.

To perform a “call back” using your Sky remote, follow the below mentioned steps:

For more assistance on sky viewing card error, you can call Sky customer services contact number to speak to the customer support representative.

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On your Sky remote, press the “services” button and then press the key 0,0,1.

sky viewing card error messages 02 error 07


Click on “ New Install” and press “Select”.


After this press “select” . You will see the signal strength and quality on the screen. Your Sky box will now perform a “call back” . If the box is connected to a telephone line, make sure that the line isn’t busy.

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 sky hd viewing card


Press “Select” button on the Sky remote and you will see a message “Call-back in progress”. If the “call back” fails, press the “Select” button again.

New-Installation-4-HD sky viewing card

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Once the “call back” is completed, you will get a message “Installation Complete”. Press the “sky” button to return to normal viewing.


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