Sky Multiscreen – Its Benefits & Cost?

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What is Sky multiroom?

With the Sky Multiscreen feature, you can Watch different Sky TV Channel in every room , the whole family can enjoy their favourite programmes and shows on the Sky tv. It lets the every person of a family to enjoy his or her own show without missing even a single episode. Watch the latest blockbuster movies or latest series in your bedroom while live match in the living room. If you are new to this services, then you might get a free Sky HD Multiscreen box.

Benefits of Sky Multiscreen are as follows:


You can watch different Sky channels within different rooms of your house. All this at the same time.

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Sky Multiscreen - Its Benefits & Cost?

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No one can miss even a single show as everyone is now able to access their favourite shows or programmes in their respective rooms.

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Depending on your Sky subscriptions, you can even download the latest shows or movies to your compatible devices.

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Now don’t miss even a single match of your favourite premier league, that too in the HD quality.

To know more about sky multiroom, you can also consult or take advice by calling sky contact number available here free of cost and get your questions answered.

Things needed for Sky multiscreen installation

  • In order to access Sky Multiscreen services, each tv in your house requires a its own Sky box. All the Sky boxes must be connected to the same phone lines.

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sky multiscreen how it works

  • If you have activated your Sky Viewing card after the year 2013, then you will not require any phone line. Make sure that all your Sky boxes are connected to your home broadband network.

sky multiscreen installation

  • You can connect up to four Sky+HD boxes and up to eight Sky Multiscreen boxes on the same dish.

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  • If you would like to use an old Sky Viewing card for your Sky Multiscreen box, then you will need to activate your old Sky Viewing card again in order to pair it up with the new Sky box.

Cost Of Sky Multiscreen:

The cost of Sky Multiscreen depends on whether you are a new customer or an existing Sky tv customer. Checkout the Sky Multiscreen rates given below:

  • New Customers: If you are new to Sky and want to opt this service, then you will have to pay £32  a month. In this deal you will get Sky tv original bundle & free Sky HD Multiscreen box.

  • Existing Customers: If you are an existing Sky tv customer, then you will be charged £12  extra a month per room. In this deal you will get free Sky HD Multiscreen box and a free standard setup.

To know more about Sky Multiscreen feature and the costs, then you can contact Sky customer services team.

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