How To Troubleshoot Your Sky Hub Microfilters?

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Microfilters are the small white colored boxes with a phone wire/lead or you can say with a connector on them. They stop the obstruction between your broadband and other devices, for example Sky Boxes, fax machines and telephone lines etc. Using Microfilters increases the speed and reliability of the broadband connection.

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So if you have any problems with your micro filters please go through these 2 simple steps:

Step 1:

Analyze your Microfilters:

Important note: If you have a pre-filtered phone socket at your places then you don’t need to use a Microfilter. Please do not try to connect your Sky Hub to any other phone socket.


You may face the following problem, without correctly installed Micro filters at your home or workplace:

  • Low or fluctuating internet speed.
  • Deceptive and sporadic internet connection.
  • Impedance on the phone line while making telephone calls.

Step 2:

Confirm that your Micro filters are set up correctly on all phone sockets

A Micro filter must be connected directly to the phone socket that has a device connected to it. Everything else must then be connected to that Microfilter correctly.

  • Connect your Sky Hub to the port marked on the Microfilters using the grey ADSL
  • Then connect everything else to the Microfilters port marked phone or Sky Box


  • If you are using a telephone splitter to connect more than one device to the telephone socket, please connect that Microfilters port marked Sky Box/ Phone.

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