How To Setup Sky+ HD Box?

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You need to set up your Sky box yourself in case if you have replaced or upgraded a new Sky box. Before calling sky customer services make sure to just Follow the steps given below to set up your Sky box. and if even than the problems persists or you are unable to set up sky HD box, we have the most suitable sky contact phone number for you.



Before setting up your Sky box, make sure you check the following items you got with your Sky+HD box:

Sky+HD box.

Sky+HD box remote control.

HDMI cable.

Power cable.

Batteries for remote control.

STEP 2: Unplug Your Current Sky Box

  1. Turn “off” your current Sky box from the mains supply.

set up sky tv

  • Now disconnect all the “SCART” & “HDMI” cables from your Sky box. These cables basically connects your Sky box to tv.
  • connect & install sky+ hd boxRemove the satellite cables from both the Dish Input ports located at the rear of your Sky box.

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set up sky box to broadband

  • Disconnect your telephone line from the rear of your Sky box.

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  • Now eject the Sky Viewing card from the port or flap located on the front panel of your Sky box. You will need this card for your Sky+HD box so keep it safe with you.

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STEP 3: Connect Your New Sky+HD Box

Plug the LNB cables to both the dish inputs. You will see the brown ports named as DISH INPUT 1 and DISH INPUT 2, connect the cables into these ports. Ensure they are screwed tightly and there must be no bend on the thin copper wires. You can put any cable in any dish input.

  • SkyBox_Phone_SetUpIf you got only one satellite cable, then you need to insert that cable into DISH INPUT 1. After you have completed the process, then you will have to set up the Single Feed Mode by following the steps given below.
  • set up sky box wifiInsert the pink end of your HDMI cable into the pink socket located at the rear of your Sky+HD box. Insert the black end of the cable into the HDMI port on your tv. Those who do not have HD tv can use the SCART cable in that case.
  • set up sky box to wireless routerConnect the blue end of the power cable into the blue port located at the back of your Sky+HD box. After that you need to plug in it to the mains supply and then turn “ON”.

set up sky box wireless
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  • Now insert the Sky viewing card into your Sky+HD box. The Sky logo should be pointing upwards and the chip side should be pointing downwards.

sky box wireless set up

  • Put on the AA batteries into your Sky tv remote in the battery cover located at the back of the remote.

  • Turn “ON” your tv and ensure that it is tuned to the correct input source. For that you need to press the “source” or “input” button on your Sky tv remote.
  • Check whether your Sky+HD box has been plugged in properly and it is switched on at the mains supply for at least 3 minutes.
  • Push the “sky” button on your Sky remote to bring the box to the standby mode. If you cannot see a green light on your Sky+HD box, then you need to wait for another minute before trying again.

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watching recorded programmes

  • You will also get a message on your tv screen stating “Your Sky box is not connected to the broadband router”. Use the “select” button located on your Sky remote and continue following the steps given below.

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STEP 4: Connect Sky+HD Box To Router

CONDITION 1: If your router has a WPS button

  • On your Sky broadband router, press and hold down the “WPS” button for 2 seconds.

Set up your Sky box

  • Within a minute, you have to also press the “WPS” button located on the front panel of your Sky+HD box.

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  • You will see an amber light flashing on the front panel of your Sky+HD box. Once the internet connection has been established , you will get a solid amber light on it.

CONDITION 2: If your router doesn’t have a WPS button

  • Press the “services” button on your tv remote and then use the arrow buttons to navigate to “Settings” option. After that push the “select’ button and with the help of arrow buttons scroll to “Network” and after that press the “select” button.

sky setup

  • Select the option “Connect with Password” with the help of your Sky tv remote and after that you need to press the “select” button.

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  • Now choose your wireless network (SSID) from the onscreen list and press the “select” button. If you don’t know the name of your wireless network, then you can find it at the back of the broadband router.

  • With the help of your Sky tv remote, type in the password and then press the “select” button to connect.

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STEP 5: Activate Your Subscription Channels

To ensure that you get all the channels, you need to activate your subscribed channels. Checkout the following methods to activate the subscribed channels.

METHOD 1: Via Tv

  • With the help of your Sky remote, go to channel number “106”. On this channel you will see an onscreen message “Your Sky Viewing Card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD box. To pair them now press  SELECT.” Press the “select” button on your tv remote to pair them.

  • After pressing the “select” button, you will get an onscreen message “Requesting pairing…”

  • After a few seconds, you will get a message on your tv screen “Request was successful. Your channels will be available shortly”. It will take a short while for your channels to be available on your tv.

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METHOD 2: Via Online

Activate your channels online by clicking on the link: Activate my channels . You will be prompted to enter your Sky iD and the password.

METHOD 3: Sky Service App

  • Launch the Sky service app and type in the passcode.

Sky service app

  • After that click on “Sky Settings” and then choose the option “Card Pairing”.

Sky Settings

  • Now follow the onscreen instructions to activate your subscribed channels.

STEP 6: Set Up Single Feed Mode

  • On your Sky tv remote, press the “services” button and then use the right arrow buttons to navigate to the “Settings” option.

Sky box Settings

  • After that press the keys “0”,”0” and “1” and push the “select” button in order to access the “Setup” menu.

Installer-3-HD HowToGuides

  • If in case, you are unable to find the “Setup” menu, then you will require a software update on your Sky box.

  • Go to the option “Single feed Mode” , you will see it as “OFF”. Turn the settings to “ON”.


    • On your Sky remote, press the “green” button to save the settings and then push the “select” button to confirm the change.

    • Your Sky box will automatically turn “off”. Then after a few minutes, push the “sky” button on the remote to turn “on” your Sky box.

    sky button on remote

    • Your sky box will now be setup  to function in the Single Feed Mode.

    Still facing difficulties while installing Sky hd box? Take help from Sky customer services engineer. For that you need to ring on the Sky contact number which is 0844 385 1222.

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