How To Set Up Sky Go app on Xbox 360?

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Lets get started with Sky go on Xbox 360!!!

Requirements to watch Sky Go on Xbox


  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection.
  • An active Sky Go subscription.
  • Xbox live account.
  • And lastly an Xbox 360 console.

Please Note: Sky Go App on Xbox 360 console is available on in United Kingdom and the Republic Of Ireland only.

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Download Sky Go App

  • Sign-in with your Xbox 360 live account on your Xbox Console.


  • Select Apps>> Browse Apps or Search Apps.
  • Search for Sky.


  • To download or install the Sky Go App>> select Sky App>> Download>> Confirm Purchase.

Important note: you will be directed to the Sky Website to Sign-up in case you do not have a sky subscription.

Simple Steps To Set Up Sky Go to Watch Sky TV On Xbox

Select App>> my apps >> Sky.

  1. Until you sign into the Sky application, you see the following choices every time you launch it on your Xbox 360:
  • Sign-in: Right after you are with signing in using your Sky ID, you will no longer be prompted to do it again unless you have deactivated the console from your account.


  • Explore around: you have to sign in to view any programme anyhow, you can also browse the Content within the app without signing in.
  • Sign in on you Sky ID by putting your credentials in the field provided.


  • Select a channel to watch and view it Live from TV Guide tab.
  • There are a variety of sports, films and entertainment channels available from sky which can be used to be viewed on your Sky Go App depending on your subscription.
  • If you want to watch the Live TV, please press A to see Now and Next information for current Channels and then press Y to see the information about the Content which is currently present to be viewed on Sky Go App. Press B to close the information tab.
  • You can also navigate through channels by using left and right bumpers and to select a particular tab press
  • You can set your desired picture quality by navigating to setting and choose the following options:
  • Low (600 kbps)
  • Medium (1.2 Mbps)
  • High (1.8 Mbps)

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  • In the on demand tab you can use Sky Go App on Xbox to watch a number of TV programmes and film by using on-demand service of Sky Go. The Content is further divided into three sections:
  • Catch ups: This option consists of the latest series and sports shows from Sky channels that you are subscribed to.
  • TV Box Sets: It has the older series and other programmes from Sky channels; you can also watch contents from other channels as well.
  • Sky Movies: This option has the Variety of films from the Sky Movie Channels.
  • By using the Search tab you can search for the programmes or content based on their titles.
  • Select play to watch the programmes, movies or sports you want.


Note>> If you set a PIN on the Sky site, you may be incited to enter the PIN when launching certain channels or on-demand Content.

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