How to Perk up your Sky On-demand downloads?

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With the guarantee of comfort comes the burden of restlessness!!!!!! What once took hours now only takes minutes, yet as we push towards a future where we have immediate access to everything, those delays feel longer than they ever did some time recently. That is surely the situation regarding the matter of downloading things over the Internet, in any event. Those were also the times when downloading even songs would take the better piece of an hour and downloading a full film would take about a week to download, yet as innovation has advanced we’ve seen these numbers fall definitely to the place.

Please follow our step-to-step guide in order to get the best speed while downloading on demand and enjoy the catch ups on your Sky Box sets whenever or wherever you want.

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Step 1:

Use an Ethernet Cable for better connection:

 sky on demand download speed slow

Using an Ethernet Cable to connect your broadband router directly with your Sky + box helps you to prevail over any interference problems related with wireless connections and provides you with as fast as possible download speeds.

Step 2:

Verify and perk up your wireless signal strength:

If the Signal Strength of your router is low then it might affect your On- Demand connection causing it to slow down.

Therefore Verify the Signal strength first by following these steps:

  • Press the Service button on your Sky Remote.

 sky on demand,

  • Now, by using left/right arrow buttons highlight Settings.
  • To highlight Pictures press the Select button twice.

 speed up sky on demand download

By using the left/right arrow buttons highlight Network. check sky on demand download speed

  • Have a look at the Signal Strength bar.

sky slow on demand download

You can improve the signal strength in case it is low by taking the following steps:

  • Please ensure that all the interference sources are removed. These sources can be Central heating, telephones, fax machines etc.
  • Try adjusting the wireless routers location to avoid the sources that blocks signals which are particularly metal or water-based elements.
  • Keep your Sky router away from other electrical appliances.
  • Do not place your wireless router’s near windows in order to reduce signal interference from outside.

Step 3:

Close other internet devices while on-demand downloads are in progress:

Make sure you are not using any other internet device while the on-demand downloads are in progress. When browsing or streaming web on other devices lower down the speed of your On- Demand. Therefore, either pause your on-demand download or pause the other devices to speed up your On- demand downloading for a while.

Step 4:

Check the speed of your broadband:

The speed of your On-demand downloads depend upon the speed of your broadband. Check your broadband speed and make sure your broadband speed is more than 2 Mbps.

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