How to manage your Sky+ recording?

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Giving the users, the benefit of watching their favourite shows without any time boundation, Sky enabled a way by which one can record his/her favourite shows.

With just a few simple steps, you can record a particular show. All that has to be done is – select a particular programme and press the Record button. The list of the recorded shows will be displayed under planner.

Manage Sky+ Recordings


So, how will you manage your sky recordings? There is nothing big in the management of your recordings. With a few synchronized steps you can manage your recordings well.

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So, let us start with scheduled recording and playing back a recording.

Once you Schedule your recording with the record button or using manual recording, the list of all the scheduled recordings will be shown in the scheduled tab. The recordings are listed by dates.

For watching a particular show, just highlight it and select in the planner. The planner records the time where you leave a certain show, so that when you get back it can be resumed from the same place. Once you are done with watching a certain video, press video to reach the planner, and sky to return to live TV.

Deleting a recording

If your hard drive is overloaded with recordings and you want to put some of the Sky box recording in trash – Just press the yellow button, after selecting the recordings that you want to delete.


For deleting the entire series, there are option like delete all viewed or delete all. Once you click the yellow button to delete a particular series, your confirmation will be asked to put the set of recordings in trash. Note that some of the programmes might need the Sky pin for deletion.


Restoring a deleted record

If you have deleted a recording by mistake, and want to restore the same, then there is a way out for this problem. Just follow the steps below to achieve your purpose.

  • In the Planner, highlight the deleted tab using left/right arrows and select it.
  • Among the list of deleted recordings, select the one you wish to restore.
  • Now, press the green button to restore the select recording.
  • Repeat the above process for the rest of the recordings that you want to restore.

After the restoration process the list of the recordings will reappear in the list of recorded items.


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