Resolve Sky Remote Problems – Stopped Working

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If you have difficulty while using your Sky remote control the following step-to step checklist can help you identifying the problem.

Step 1:

Examine the basics:

  • Please make sure whether the batteries of your Sky remote needs replacing or not, if your Sky remote no more flashes red light >> press the standby button >>then insert a new set of batteries to resolve your issues.
  • Make sure your Sky remote is set to the correct mode, to control your Sky+ box, press the Sky button before pressing any other button.

fix problems images not show

Step 2:

Reset your Sky remote:

To reset your Sky remote please follow these simple steps:

  1. Press and hold Select button for 30 seconds after removing your batteries.

sky tv, sky hd remote stopped working

  1. Now re-insert the batteries in your Sky Remote.
  2. The remote will flash twice as you press Sky button on your sky remote.

sky tv remote stopped working

  1. Lastly press TV Guide to get started with your Sky Guide.

Step 3:

Program your sky remote to Control Your Sky TV:

  • Press the TV button on your sky remote.

fix sky tv remote problems

  • Press and hold down Select and the red button for 2- 3 seconds until the remote flashes red light twice.

fix sky tv remote problems

  • Now, enter the 4 digit remote code by using +/- volume buttons, right after this step your remote will blink the light twice.
  • Press the standby button on the Sky remote and press the Select button to store the new settings.

Broken Frozen Sky TV Remote Control Fix

Step 4:

If you are still having problems with the Sky remote, then please contact Sky helpline number

Sky tv remote Help

If you reside in UK then you call uk Sky phone number listed here or, on:

03442- 411-653

  • If you are residing in Republic of Ireland:


Please note:

The calls to Sky ireland contact number are absolutely free for sky talk Customers.

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