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Just give a call on ASOS contact number that is mentioned on this site. This number is perfectly suitable for people who are looking for solutions to their problems.Expect the dedicated team of ASOS customer service department to assist you even on sundays as they are available seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. Phone ASOS contact number when your item is not delivered or you want to return your faulty item.

ASOS Contact Number

0844 385 1700

Calls cost 0.07 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service.

ASOS Customer Services Number And Opening Times

Monday To Friday: 8 am to 8 pm.

Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm.

Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm.

Contact ASOS Via Post

asos contact number uk

If you want to write your problem and send it to the ASOS customer service postal address, then kindly acknowledge the address given below:

ASOS Customer Service Address:, Customer Care,

Building 2. Peoplebuilding,

Maylands Avenue,

Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate,

Hemel Hempstead,


HP2 4NW.

ASOS Head Office:

ASOS plc,

Greater London House,

Hampstead Road,


NW1 7FB,


A Brief Introduction

Founded: June 2000

ASOS is a British online retailer, that mainly deals with beauty and fashion items. The company has mainly set up its online store keeping the young adults in mind and for the people who appreciate the latest trends and want to follow their favourite celebrity clothing designs. On ASOS website, one can choose from around 850 brands available plus ASOS Own Label for men and womenswear. with shipment to over 140 countries, you can know the reason why ASOS customer service team is available seven days for the assistance. The common queries include delivery issues, order tracking, return and refunds. If you are also facing any of these problems, then feel free to get in touch with ASOS customer service team member. For that you will require the customer services phone number which is shared on this site.  The major decisions of the company are made in its headquarters which are situated in London.

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Why To Contact ASOS?

This is the most important question and there can be times when one needs help from the advisor. At that time ASOS customer service department comes into the scene. ASOS has always ensured that their customers queries are handled by their expertise department. These expertise members can be called by using the official ASOS customer service phone number: 0844 385 1700 . We are also sharing some common problems where you might need help from the ASOS customer care support. Check out the points mentioned below:

  • ASOS online account queries.

  • Unable to make a payment while purchasing an item.

  • If your item is not delivered at the right time and at the right place.

  • Problems related to ASOS mobile services and apps.

  • To return your item.

  • To ask for a refund.

  • Plus many more.

What Is ASOS?

The online British company that provides beauty and fashion items for young adults who are looking for the latest and trendy clothings option. Earlier ASOS was known as “As Seen On Screen” and as the name suggest it replicates the clothing designs and trends of the celebrities that are most followed in the world. ASOS fashion and clothing styles are mostly based on the styles of popular celebrities. Soon the name “As Seen On Screen” changed to ASOS. The company’s own label of clothing and other 850 brands are sold on the specific websites that targets the customers of USA, UK, Russia, China, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy and France.

History Of ASOS

In the year 2000, people of UK witnessed the birth of an online store which was going to change the game of online fashion stores. That change took place very swiftly as ASOS main target was the younger generations who are constantly looking for new trends and fashions. In the year ASOS name came under London Stock Exchange. Who would have thought that within an year, the profits of ASOS would soar so high that it got listed in the national stock exchange.  Unlike other companies, ASOS has a clear passion to provide something innovative and new to the global fashion lovers. The company is not just an online shopping portal but also a gateway to access the latest literature on fashion, trends, and current clothing culture. Dial the ASOS contact number if you are having any questions related to the clothings rates and offers.

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Contact ASOS Customer Service Team

To get in touch with the ASOS customer service executive, use the phone number mentioned on this page. Once connected, you will be assisted by the well trained and highly professional customer service advisor who even work on weekends. As per the UK culture, most companies keep their week offs on Saturdays and Sundays. But the ASOS customer support department is known for its quick assistance even during the weekends.

What Brands To Expect From ASOS?

ASOS, the company who is desirous to sustain the top position when it comes to online fashion store, offers around 800 local as well as foreign brands on its website. The well known and high quality brands are included in ASOS stores which includes Ted Baker, Birkenstock, River Island, Hollister, Diesel, River Island etc. Besides these brands, ASOS has also introduced its own label of clothing ranges such as ASOS Tall and ASOS Petite. ASOS also offers third party ranges to ensure all the needs of local and global customers are met. You can choose from New Look Petite and Tall, Misguided Plus, BooHoo Petite and Little Mistress. The different rates and sizes can be consulted on ASOS customer service telephone number: 0844 385 1700.

The ambition of being number one has lead ASOS to open offices in various foreign locations such as New York, Berlin and Shanghai. One can also choose ethical brands as per their country’s culture on ASOS. This puts a light on the fact that ASOS is not only meeting the global market demand but also the seasonal demand of the specific country.

ASOS Delivery Policy

Expect your item to be delivered within the four working days from the date you have placed your order. The orders which costs more than £20, then you will not be charged any delivery rate. If the price of the order is less than £20, then you will have to pay £3.00 as a delivery fee. You will updated either through the email or text message about your order status. If in case, the item is not delivered at the expected, you need to contact ASOS customer service executive as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier that ASOS deliver items to around 140 countries, the time and delivery charges varies as per the country. You can also go through the delivery charges table on the official website of ASOS. Customers need to contact the seller directly if they have ordered an item from ASOS Marketplace. Further questions can be asked by calling on ASOS contact number:  0844 385 1700.

asos customer service contact number

Return Your ASOS Item

If you find your order not upto the market or received a wrong order, then you can simply return the item back to ASOS. You can easily send back the item to ASOS with its free returns policy. The ASOS customer service team members will happily accept the returns if you are sending it within twenty eight days of the delivery. By returning the item, you can either exchange your item or expect a refund. Make sure the items you are returning are in their original tags and in cases of shoes, they must be unworn otherwise it won’t be returned. If you are facing difficulties while returning the items you can take help from ASOS advisor by contacting him/her over the phone. In case the item is sent back in unacceptable then there might be less possibility for any exchange or refund.  You can visit the official site to check the ASOS returns policy. Use the link: to visit the official website. For further assistance, you can use the ASOS customer service number that is 0844 385 1700.

ASOS Marketplace

This is a place where users can purchase latest brands and other clothing wears directly from the boutiques. More than 40 countries are using ASOS Marketplace where they can sell their items to the customers. Around 900 boutiques are selling around fifty thousand products on ASOS Marketplace. Not only the matured people, but the younger generation also loves to wear something different that is why they come on ASOS to buy something unique and new. ASOS makes it easier for emerging designer and boutique members to use this platform to sell their ethnic as well as unique products. If you are a seller and want to sell the items, then first your items will be inspected by the ASOS team who ensures that the customer requirements are met and the items are also new and unique on the market. You can also consult the representative on ASOS customer service telephone number before selling your items. If you are a boutique owner and want to sell the items online, then you have to offer the same level of customer service as ASOS customer service members provide.

After you get the approval from ASOS, you are ready to take the orders and deliver it on the specific time. The sellers will have to pay a commission of 20% on each sale on ASOS Marketplace. This platform has been proven out to be huge for the customers who are in need of unique clothings designs from all across the globe. This platform is especially set up for upcoming designers, boutique owners, vintage stockists etc.  All the queries related to ASOS Marketplace can be solved by using the customer care number number given on this site.

ASOS Mobile App

ASOS very well understands the need of having the latest clothing styles in your wardrobe. That is why it now offers services on its mobile app which can be downloaded on both the Android and iOS devices. With just a click of a button, you will have your favourite clothing items in your wardrobe. The item can be from jeans, tops, t shirts, jewellery, shorts,shoes etc. You can now purchase the digital ASOS magazine using the mobile app. Enjoy viewing the latest fashion styles and follow your favourite celebrity clothing using this app. When checking out you will receive a card scanner that will be helpful for smoother purchase of the item. You can view your latest searches as well as saved items by using this app. ASOS has always been committed to offer you the best online shopping experience. In cases, when you find any difficulties while using the app, you can drop a call on ASOS contact number 0844 385 1700. Access the ASOS magazine app that will keep you updated with the latest clothing wears, celebrity fashion photo shoots, what’s hot at the moment and other celebrity styles. All this can be accessed on your phone or tablet.

ASOS Own Label

ASOS has also launched their own label while offering other brands as well. This also helps ASOS to market their products with other global brands. Thus helping ASOS to launch products at the competitive rates and offers products related to clothing, fashion accessory, footwear and other beauty products. ASOS own label brands are also popular among people in UK and with the constant need of latest and unique items, ASOS is gearing up with latest products. With top rated celebrities cush as Rihanna, One Direction and Katy Perry wearing ASOS own label fashion wear, it has encouraged many young members to follow this style. This also helps ASOS to provide competition to other local and global brands as well.

If you require further information related to ASOS own label, then you can use the ASOS customer service support contact number: 0844 385 1700. Timings to call this number are from 8 am to 8 pm both weekdays and weekends.

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