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How To Change My Sky Bill Payment Date?

You can change the Sky payment due date once a month via three methods: online, on your Sky Tv and by using your Sky Service app. We will be

How To Fix Sky Viewing Card Error Messages 02 / 07 ?

To troubleshoot the Sky “viewing card” error messages, follow the steps mentioned below: ERROR 1: “There is a problem with your viewing card” Troubleshooting Steps: If you see this

How To Program Your Sky Remote With Your Sky Box Or Sky TV? Step By Step (Instruct-O-Graphic)

You can program your Sky remote with your Sky Box or Sky TV. You can use the Sky remote to change the input source on your TV. To tune

What to Do When You Are Not Able To Connect To Sky on Xbox 360?

In case you’re seeing an error message and experiencing issues signing in or you are not able to connect Sky when watching Sky TV on your Xbox 360. Please

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